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Breakfast at the Sunset Saoon (2020)

In a supernatural saloon, a young cowgirl challenges a maniacal witch doctor for the fate of her brother’s soul. Produced as a Capstone Project at the Arizona State University School of Film, Dance, and Theatre. 

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Night-Watcher (2018)

A late-night security guard's night becomes a little more exciting when a package is delivered to the top floor. Everything is normal until he discovers their has been a break-in. It becomes a race as the guard attempts to foil the thief's plans.


The Walking Zone (2017)

Animated gif. series created for The State Press to increase the amount of interactive media created for online publication and to determine the amount of memory the website could handle.  Series focused on the humorous events happening between classes.


Cartoon: Reel-O-Vision:Today's news portrayed through yesterday's cinema (2017)

"Watch the world through a new lens. Enjoy parodies of today's issues told through yesterday's movie classics. This is new; this is entertainment; this is Reel-O-Vision." The cartoons consist of graphic renderings of famous movie frames with weekly news being the subject.  Made to be humorous in response to articles being published by other members of the newspaper.

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